Precision Farming

Geo Farms utilizes Precision Agriculture to ensure strong operational controls, productivity, and the sustainability of farm operations.  Use of “Precision Agriculture” will improve operational controls, efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.  Precision agriculture has revolutionized traditional farming practices.  It relies on new technologies such as satellite imagery, information technology, and geospatial tools to optimize field-level management and returns on inputs while preserving resources.

Precision agriculture has the following benefits:

  • Increased crop yields and productivity
  • Reduced costs of crop protection and inputs such as diesel, fertilizer, and water
  • Improved operational safety and farm security
  • Increased competitiveness through more efficient practices
  • Reduced environmental risks through energy efficiency and more sustainable use of inputs

In CEE, less than 5% of farm operations are currently using these technologies.

Key Precision Agriculture components Geo Farms deploys are:

  • Yield monitoring
  • Water management
  • RTK-GPS based autopilot systems
  • Flow and application control systems
  • Precision irrigation
  • Connected Farm Solutions