Value proposition CEE

Greater productivity per dollar with significant room for improvement:  In addition to lower land prices than its  Western European peers, CEE also has greater productivity per dollar as compared to many leading agricultural markets, with an even greater potential for improvement.  The graph to the left shows the cost of land per ton of wheat production, with Romania and Poland ahead of top markets such as Brazil, Ireland, and Denmark.  However, there is much more room for increased productivity gains, as basic subsistence farming is currently the norm in CEE. The CEE region is operating well below its potential productivity level. There is a strong opportunity to employ modern technologies to further increase productivity.

Romanian farmland set to cultivate future growth

Lower land values and greater convergence potential:
While CEE farmland has shown strong appreciation over this period, it still has one of the lowest values worldwide and a greater potential for convergence with Western European prices, as illustrated in the graph to the left.